ETCOG Board to Vote on $46.6 Million Budget, Hear Legislative Update from Representative Jay Dean

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95th Semi-Annual Board of Directors Meeting Held in Upshur County
Next Week

East Mountain – The East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) will host its 95th Semi-Annual Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, September 28, at Arabella Manor in East Mountain, TX, located at 11361 TX-300 from 11:45 am to 2:00 pm. In addition to regular business of considering the FY 2018 $46.6M budget (available upon request), this year’s event will also include a legislative update from Texas House Member, Representative Jay Dean of District 7.

The meeting includes other business items such as election of new Executive Committee members; recommendations for Executive Committee Officers; approval of a resolution clarifying the voting membership of the Piney Woods 9-1-1 district, discussion and approval of the FY 2018 Budget; presentation of the Chairman’s Service Award; and recognition of the Chairman’s service.
ETCOG’s Board of Directors is comprised of elected officials representing the ETCOG membership of cities, counties, special districts and school districts in the 14 county East Texas region. You may view an agenda for the Board of Director’s Meeting at For more information, contact ETCOG’s Executive Director, David Cleveland at (903) 218- 6423.

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