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DAYTON – The City Council of the City of Dayton  announced Tuesday  that Theogene Melancon was hired as the new City Manager for the City of Dayton on June 6, 2017.

Melancon is currently serving as the City Manager for the city of Gladewater. Melancon is an experienced and qualified City Manager that the Dayton Council believes can guide the City moving forward.

Melancon is currently married to his wife, Cecilia and they have a two year old son named Jeremiah.

The Dayton City Council reported it was very impressed during the interview process with the ideas and visions that  Melancon had for the growth of Dayton.  Melancon said, “I toured the city and was very impressed with the City of Dayton, its schools and the potential for growth.” Both the Council and Melancon are excited about this new opportunity for the future of Dayton and Liberty County.

Melancon is expected to start serving in the capacity of City Manager the first week in July.

Melancon has been city manager of Gladewater for 15 months, coming from El Dorado. During his short tenure he has set Gladewater on a progressive path of improving the city’s water system, fixing roads, cleaning up blighted areas of town and helping spearhead a community-wide volunteer cleanup effort that has resulted in area home builders choosing Gladewater to develop new properties.

In the 15 months Melancon has been in Gladewater a revitalization of the downtown area also has begun.

When Tim Barnett and Dale Rhodes were asked why they chose to build their new restaurant Central Station in Gladewater they simply said  “Why Not Gladewater” and they credited what they saw was a new attitude of cleaning up the city, bringing new business and promoting the downtown area.  “This was confirmed when we sat down and met with Gladewater’s City Manager Theo Melancon and Main Street Manager Kathy Cannon. We realized we shared the same vision about making Gladewater a great place to live, shop and visit. We had looked at other locations, but after speaking with Theo and Kathy in depth about our vision, it was clear this is where we need to be.”

The partners said  a few weeks ago “We have seen first-hand that Gladewater has been more progressive with improving their city services by its leadership.  We believe the city is moving in the right direction and look forward to being a part of the Economic Development and The Future of Downtown.”

But with Melancon leaving, so goes the fresh leadership he brought to Gladewater.



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