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On March 1, 2016, the Gladewater Police Department initiated “Operation Cold Turkey”. This operation is directed at removing the presence of illegal narcotics from the city limits of Gladewater. The following is a brief synopsis of this program:

The purpose of this operation is to provide a structured, tactical approach to identify and effectively remove the presence of illegal narcotics in The City of Gladewater.

The goal of this operation is to effectively reduce the overall amount of criminal activity within the city limits of The City of Gladewater which is directly related to the presence of illegal narcotics and to improve the overall quality of life for our citizens.

“Operation Cold Turkey” will consist of methodical, intentional and persistent tactics to strategically and drastically reduce the availability of illegal narcotics inside of the incorporated city limits of The City of Gladewater.

Information pertaining to Individuals and locations made known to the department to be engaged in the use and/or sale of illegal narcotics will be documented, investigated and shared in a structured format with all GPD officers in a timely manner. A structured and regularly updated medium will be utilized to ensure information is disseminated and shared between the Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division of GPD in timely and accurate manner.

The Chief of Police will be provided with a briefing at the beginning of each month which will contain an update on the status of any and all current open narcotics investigations, as well as, any enforcement actions taken by the department during the previous month.

Although GPD has been aggressively seeking out the drugs in our community, this operation will significantly raise the level of focus by our staff and it is my personal hope that the members of our community will also stand with us and do their part to help.
Each arrest that is made in conjunction with this operation will be made public so the community can see that we are doing exactly what we said we would do.
If the criminal element is reading this let me simply say this –
This is OUR community and you and your drugs are not welcome here. If you think we will not find out who and where you are I look forward to personally telling you that you were wrong when I see you in our jail facing possession charges.

Let this serve as a warning to anyone who is involved in any way in the drug game. Gladewater is about to go “Cold Turkey”.
If you have any information regarding the use or sale of illegal narcotics, please contact GPD at 903-845-2166, visit with us at the station at 511 S. Tyler, message us on Facebook, contact us via e-mail on our website or submit anonymous tips using the Nixle App.

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