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TGCA selects a maximum of 15 All-Stars, from conferences 1-4a and 5-6a in track and field.  These athletes are selected by the TGCA Track Committee, which is composed of track member coaches of the association, at their annual meeting.  Selections are made from nominations submitted by member coaches.  Athletes must be juniors to be selected.


Division All-Star   School Coach   Conf
1234A All-Star Monique Ashford ELKHART HS Kodi Huff 3A
1234A All-Star Kassidy Bishop SHINER HS Cecelia Oden 2A
1234A All-Star Abbey Carpenter JUNCTION HS Rob McAdams 2A
1234A All-Star Destiny Fairley JARRELL HS Marlena Brown 3A
1234A All-Star Gill Gray MELISSA HS Theodore Mackey III 4A
1234A All-Star Cheyenne Grubbs UNION GROVE HS Barry Woodruff 2A
1234A All-Star Maddie Kane MELISSA HS Theodore Mackey III 4A
1234A All-Star Virginia Kerley TAYLOR HS Shelli Cobb 4A
1234A All-Star Hannah Kipp ROUND TOP-CARMINE HS RaChelle Etzel 1A
1234A All-Star Kaitlyn Mathews BIG SPRING HS Sunni Strickland 4A
1234A All-Star Denver Mims DAINGERFIELD HS Dana Carter 3A
1234A All-Star Jessica Nevils HAMSHIRE-FANNETT HS Johnathan Snipes 4A
1234A All-Star Tiffani Peacock LORENA HS Stacy Bartosh 4A
1234A All-Star Jaycee Pannell GODLEY HS Craig Darder 4A
1234A All-Star Hope Thomas BLUM HS Lauren McPherson 1A
Head Coach: Tim Torres Lubbock Coronado      
Assist. Coach: Stacy Tucker Barbers Hill      
Division All-Star   School Coach   Conf
56A All-Star Valencia Bullock LAKE RIDGE HS Michelle Womack 5A
56A All-Star Colleen Clancy SMITHSON VALLEY HS Brittney Lanehart 6A
56A All-Star Ariana Devalcourt GOOSE CREEK MEMORIAL HS Bren Jones 5A
56A All-Star JaLeesa Giles LEGACY HS Lacy Beckler 5A
56A All-Star Megan Hartline FRENSHIP HS Stefani Shortes 6A
56A All-Star Megan Mann SMITHSON VALLEY HS Brittney Lanehart 6A
56A All-Star Maya Puller BRANDEIS HS Katrina Logwood 6A
56A All-Star Falyn Reaugh HIGHLAND PARK HS Susan Bailey 6A
56A All-Star Gabriela Saldivar ALICE HS Liza Almaraz 5A
56A All-Star Tatyana Terrell SUMMIT HS Shannon Utley 5A
56A All-Star Soren Underwood JOSHUA HS Craig Bethell 5A
56A All-Star Shamya Washington MARSHALL HS Jodi Satterwhite 6A
Head Coach: Loy Triana Burkburnett      
Assist. Coach: Patricia Thaler Lakeworth

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