KC seeking public input about ‘campus carry’ bill going into effect August 2017 for community colleges

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Kilgore College is seeking the public’s input regarding Senate Bill 11, known as the “campus carry bill,” legalizing the carrying of a concealed handgun by concealed carry-licensed holders on public college and university campuses.

While this legislation took effect on university campuses Aug. 1, the law does not go into effect for Texas public community colleges until Aug. 1, 2017.

KC has created the webpage www.kilgore.edu/campuscarry to solicit feedback from the public regarding the carrying of concealed handguns by handgun licensees on the Kilgore and Longview campuses.

KC president, Dr. Brenda Kays, has formed a campus carry taskforce made up of KC faculty, staff and students.

This taskforce has the responsibility of developing policy recommendations for consideration by the college president and the KC Board of Trustees.

KC students and employees are also having the opportunity to make comments about campus carry through surveys, emails and meetings.

“We welcome comments from the public regarding this topic,” said Heath Cariker, KCPD police chief. “These comments will be considered as the college crafts a concealed carry policy which would create guidelines for concealed carrying on its campuses.”

The public can visit the website above to take a campus carry survey and/or email comments to campuscarry@kilgore.edu.


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