Longview Habitat receives grant to repair rural homes in Gregg, Harrison and Upshur Counties

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  Longview, TX. –Longview Habitat for Humanity, Inc. announced today that it had been awarded a $62,000.00 grant from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to conduct critical home repairs for elderly and disabled individuals in rural Gregg, Harrison, and Upshur counties.

 “We receive so many calls from people that live in rural areas and are in desperate need of better living conditions that, due to grant restrictions, we can’t serve because they live outside the city limits.  Now, with the USDA partnership, we can offer some assistance,” said Cheryl Webb, Family Services Coordinator at Longview Habitat.

The critical repair program focuses on disrepair that threatens the health or safety of the home’s occupants.  To be eligible to apply, the home must be located in an eligible rural area as defined by USDA standards. To receive more information or request an application, call 903-236-0900 ext. 201 or print an application at longviewhabitat.org.

The organization has offered a critical repair program since 2013.  Concerning the addition of a repair program to the services available, Executive Director, La Juan Hollis, commented, “The bottom line is that lower-income individuals, particularly the elderly and disabled, are caught in the middle. They have this great asset (a home) that typically is debt free, but they can’t maintain it.  They can’t do the work themselves, can’t afford to hire contractors, and can’t just move.  Limited income often means home issues take second place to paying for food and medicine. But a home in a state of significant disrepair creates, or exacerbates health difficulties, physical and emotional.  ” she said, adding that the home’s value also declines as its condition deteriorates.  “The Critical Repair program helps us to alleviate this issue. The result is a family with the opportunity to thrive in an affordable, decent home, leading to better health, and financial stability.  Preservation of the home’s value helps to revitalize a neighborhood and our community.”

Longview Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit housing organization dedicated to eradicating poverty housing in Longview.  We partner with people to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through the shelter. The organization provides four programs in Longview; home ownership; home repair; beautification and maintenance and a ReStore.  The repair program also serves the elderly, disabled and veterans living in Gregg, Harrison, and Upshur counties.  To learn more, to volunteer or to donate, visit www.longviewhabitat.org  or call 903-236-0900 ext. 204.

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