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The Texas Rangers have been investigating the Friday, January 19, 2018, shooting of a Gladewater man by Gladewater police.

Gladewater Police Chief Rob Vine released this following information concerning  the incident:

“On Friday, January 19, 2018 at approximately 11:45pm, Gladewater Police Officers responded to a residence in the 300 block of Melba in response to a reported domestic disturbance in progress.  When Sgt. Anthony Gatwood and Officer Jacobo Lira-Vital arrived on the scene they were met by 24-year-old resident, David Neill in the yard of the residence.  Neill was holding a rifle and was moving towards the two responding officers.  Officers repeatedly gave Neill verbal commands to drop the rifle, however, he refused to comply with these commands and Neill can be seen on the video footage from a body worn camera on the one of the officer’s uniforms pointing the rifle in the direction of the officers which is immediately followed by the sound of three gun shots.

“After the suspect was handcuffed, Officers immediately summoned an ambulance to the scene and Neill was transported to Good Shepherd Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries and later reported to be in stable condition.  At this time, Neill is expected to recover.  Due to Neill being in the hospital for medical treatment, criminal charges against him are pending at this time.

“The primary catalyst for this incident was the actions of the suspect, David Neill, who was not only holding a rifle, but was advancing on the officers on the scene.  Even after repeated orders by the officers to put the weapon down, Neill continued to pose an imminent threat to the officers by not complying.  When Neill pointed the rifle in the direction of the officer, they responded in an appropriate manner to effectively stop the threat.

“The body worn cameras worn by both Sgt. Gatwood and Officer Lira-Vital were both activated at the time of the incident and captured video and audio footage, which will undoubtedly play a key role in the investigation into this incident by the Texas Rangers.

“Sgt. Anthony Gatwood and Officer Jacobo Lira-Vital, are both on administrative leave with pay pending the investigation into this incident by the Texas Rangers and the Gregg County District Attorney’s Office.

“All future inquiries into this incident should be directed to the office of the District Attorney of Gregg County or the Texas Rangers who are conducting the investigation into this incident.”




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