New vests will help protect GPD officers

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During the last Legislative Session, Texas Governor Greg Abbott requested that up to 25 million dollars be set aside to supply officers with rifle resistant vests.

According to Gladewater Police Detective James Gillen, the July 7, 2016, attack on Dallas area police officers appears to have been the motivating factor for this funding opportunity. Gillen said the grant process was conducted through the Office of the Governor’s grant application system and GPD Chief Robert Vine authorized the pursuit of this funding opportunity which was then passed by a resolution of the Gladewater City Council. The grant was submitted and subsequently funded by the Office of the Governor.

The GPD received approximately $12,500 to purchase level 4 rifle resistant vests and the required plate carriers. This resulted in 50 individual rifle plates and 25 carriers that have since been issued to all Gladewater law enforcement personnel.

The vests will be carried in the officer’s patrol vehicle and utilized per policy and procedure. Each vest was obtained for approximately $500.

As a bonus in these fiscally tight times, the acquisition was at zero cost to the city. The vests will significantly enhance officer safety and allow for officers to better serve the community and help ensure they make it back to their families at the end of their watch. 

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