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We are sad to report that our friend Delbert Burlison has passed away.

The flag at Gladewater City Hall has been lowered to half mast in honor of the Place 4 Gladewater city councilman.

Services for Councilman Burlison are pendng with Welch Funeral Home in Longview.

We send our most sincere condolences to Delbert's wife Judy, and the Burlison family.


Kathi Corwin has been hired to guide Gladewater's Main Street Program. She has a Masters of Science (MS) SBall State University in Historic Preservation and Conservation and earnedher Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History from Saint Joseph's College.
Gladewater City Manager Sean Pate Tuesday Corwin accepted the job Monday and will start work on June 2.
The Indiana graduate most recently was a graduate assistant at Ball State University, where she assisted professors with research for class, assisted with rehabilitation of a 19th century home, create a brochure on previous rehabilitation of 19th century home and assisted drawings and documents archivist.
According to her Facebook page, prior to Ball State she worked at EcoRehab of Muncie, INC. in the Muncie, Indiana area where she assisTed with rehabilitation of 19th century home, purchased supplies for rehabilitation and directed summer class with rehabilitation work in absence of her professor.
She also has worked as an assistant lake manager at Saint Joseph's College, wher she trained and scheduled lifeguards, was responsible for issuance of lake passes, restored and maintained the lake grounds.
She also worked as an event coordinator at Saint Joseph's College, scheduling events on campus and coordinate with all departments for events.
For three years she Habitat for Humanity International
2009 – 2012 worked in several states as well as in Macedonia building homes for those in need with Habitat for Humanity International.

SPCA of Texas seizes 71 Upshur County animals

 Constable Seize 71 Cruelly Treated Animals from Upshur County Property

Today, under the authority of the Upshur County Constable, Pct. 1, the SPCA of Texas seized and took custody of 71 cruelly treated animals--64 dogs, six cats and one horse--from a property north of Gladewater.

Most of the dogs were found living in trash-filled residence on the property in rows of plastic, metal and wooden crates. Approximately 20 dogs were found inside fenced-in kennels behind the building. Nine of the dogs were tethered outside. Various breeds found include Great Pyrenees mixes, Hound Mixes, Miniature Pinschers, Red Heelers and other mixed breeds. The dogs appear to have various health issues, including hair loss, tumors, labored breathing, eye issues, skin isues, matted fur, one dog had a distended abdomen and one dog had an injured tail.

Most of the cats were kept in carriers inside the residence on the property. One cat was found in a metal cage. Many of the cats have matted fur.

The horse was living outside in a pasture, is very underweight and has a dull coat.

The Upshur County Constable, Pct. 1, contacted the SPCA of Texas regarding concerns of animal cruelty on May 7 in reference to a puppy mill case. An SPCA of Texas Investigator visited the property that day, and the SPCA of Texas and the Upshur County Constable determined that the animals were being cruelly treated. The Upshur County Constable and the SPCA of Texas concurred that it was in the animals' best interest to remove the animals, and the Upshur County Constable sought a seizure warrant.

SPCA of Texas vehicles transported the animals to the Perry Animal Care Center at 8411 Stacy Road in McKinney, TX, where they are being examined by medical staff and will be cared for until the custody hearing.

The custody hearing will take place on Friday, May 16 at 1 p.m. at the Upshur County Courthouse, at 100 W. Tyler Street, Gilmer, TX, Judge W.V. Ray, Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4, presiding.

If the SPCA of Texas is awarded custody of the animals, they would be individually evaluated for potential adoption or placement on a case by case basis.

To help support the SPCA of Texas and its efforts to help abused, neglected and homeless animals and to support the SPCA of Texas' other programs and services, please


The Upshur County Grand Jury on Thursday returned 17 indictments, no-billed two cases, and passed another, said District Attorney Billy Byrd. 

Six of the indictments were sealed because no arrest had been made in those cases, Byrd said in a news release. In addition, two Houston men were indicted on four charges each in cases where they are co-defendants, he reported. 

Bradley Leroy Thompson, 28, and Dale Dewyane Fisher, 35, are co-defendants on three counts of possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver (methamphetamine), and one count of unlawful possession of firearm by felon, he said. 

Each remained in county jail under bonds totaling $160,000--$50,000 on each of the drug charges, and $10,000 on the firearm charge, Byrd's office said. The pair is charged with committing the offenses last Dec. 30, the office reported.

Defendants, charges, and bonds in the other unsealed indictments were as follows, Byrd's office said:

Taylor Cash Knight, a 39-year-old Gilmer man, possession of controlled subtance (methamphetamine) on Jan. 29, $10,000 surety bond


Laura Jane Peterson, 50, of Gilmer, possession of controlled substance (dihydrocodeinone) on Feb. 4, $3,500 surety bond

Jimmie Wayne Daniels, Jr., who turned 37 Sunday and is from Gilmer, aggravated assault/family violence with deadly weapon on April 17. He remained in county jail under $100,000 bond, Byrd's office said. 

Charges in the sealed indictments included two for forgery (both against the same person), and one each for forgery against elderly individual, aggravated sexual assault of a child, failure to comply with sex offender registration, and bail jumping/failure to appear, the office reported.

No details of the no-billed and passed cases were disclosed.



GILMER--Dates have been set for a capital murder trial and unrelated murder trial in 115th District Court, a spokeswoman for Upshur County District Attorney Billy Byrd said Monday.

Jury selection is scheduled Aug. 11 for one of three co-defendants in the capital murder case, 22-year-old Andrew C. Norwine of Arlington. The other defendants in the slaying of Ronnie Joe Gammage pleaded guilty and were sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Gammage, 27, of Longview, was abducted, purportedly in Gregg County, before his throat was cut Dec. 5, 2012 and his dead body set afire, Byrd has said. Gammage's remains were found Dec. 19, 2012 in an Upshur County pasture. 

In the other case, jury selection for the murder trial of Eddie Douglas Baker is set June 9, with testimony scheduled to open June 16.

Baker, a Gilmer resident who turns 28 Friday, is accused of killing 45-year-old Tana Fuller Warren on or about Feb. 6, 2013. He admitted in a videotaped statement he fatally stabbed the Gilmer woman and put her in the back of his camper on Ginger Road northeast of Gilmer, according to a document filed in Upshur County Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace Lyle Potter's office. 

Both Norwine and Baker are charged with additional offenses and remained in county jail at Gilmer under bonds totalling $1.35 million each Monday, Byrd's office said.




$35 Million GISD Bond Election - PASSED-  585 FOR TO 383 AGAINST

Gladewater Mayor: Harold Wells 463, Mark Carpenter 153

Gladewater City Council: Lana Niemann 392, Memori Ruesing 207

Councilman Leon Watson is unopposed - 454




GILMER--115th District Judge Lauren Parish sentenced seven persons on felony and/or misdemeanor charges between April 29 and May 2, said Upshur County District Attorney Billy Byrd's office.

Details were as follows, the office reported:

Carwin Dewain Cooper, 25, of Gladewater, received five years in prison May 2 for "unlawful restraint--risk of serious bodily injury" when his probation on that charge was revoked.

Cooper admitted violating terms of probation for his Feb. 10, 2013 crime, which Gilmer police investigated. Byrd represented the state in the revocation; Longview attorney Scott Novy represented Cooper.

All other sentencings occurred April 29.

Brandon Antonio Hodge, 34, of Big Sandy, received 22 months in state jail upon pleading guilty to delivery of a controlled substance--methamphetamine.

The Upshur County Sheriff's Office probed the May 3, 2013 offense. Byrd represented the state at sentencing, while Longview attorney Edward Choy represented Hodge.

Christopher Lee Evans, 17, of Gilmer, was placed on seven years "deferred adjudication" probation upon pleading guilty to burglary of habitation.

"Deferred adjudication" means no final conviction appears on a defendant's record if he/she successfully completes probation. But if such probation is revoked, the maximum sentence for the crime can be imposed.

Gilmer police investigated Evans's March 11 offense. Some conditions of his probation include a $1,000 fine, 400 hours of commuity service, and no contact with co-defendants.

Assistant District Attorney Natalie Miller represented the state at sentencing. Gilmer attorney Matthew Patton represented Evans.

Bobbie Renee Wagner, 32, of Gilmer, was placed on probation upon pleading guilty to a felony offense, but also sentenced to 180 days in county jail when her probation for misdemeanor attempted forgery was revoked.

Wagner was placed on five years "deferred adjudication" for debit card abuse. Some of her terms of probation include entering a drug treatment center in Bowie County (remaining in Upshur County Jail until a bed opens there), a $1,000 fine, 300 hours of community service and making $311 restitution to the victim.

Gilmer police investigated the April 24, 2013 crime.

In the misdemeanor case,  Wagner admitting violating terms of her probation. Big Sandy police probed that Oct. 29, 2011 offense.

Byrd represented the state in her cases. Longview attorney John Moore represented Wagner.

Justin Lynn Hanson, 20, of Keller, received seven years deferred adjudication probation after pleading guilty to burglary of building--engaging in organized criminal activity.

The Sheriff's Office probed the Jan. 10 crime. Some terms of Hanson's probation include a $2,000 fine and 400 hours of community service.

Byrd and Novy handled the case.

Anthony Seven Bouchereau, 20, of Gilmer, drew 16 months in state jail upon pleading guilty to theft of property of the value of $1,500 or more but less than $20,000.

The Sheriff's Office probed the Nov. 27, 2013 offense. Miller and Moore handled the sentencing.

In a misdemeanor case, a 20-year-old Gladewater man was sentenced to 300 days in county jail for unlawful carrying of a weapon when his probation on that charge was revoked. 

He admitted violating terms of probation for the April 1, 2013 offense, which Gladewater police investigated.