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GILMER--U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tyler) told the quarterly and organizational meeting of the Upshur County Republican Executive Committee on Saturday he is "sick of people telling me" the nation cannot secure its border with Mexico.

Speaking at the Indian Rock Baptist Church near Gilmer, Gohmert said Israel and Saudi Arabia have secured their borders and that the White House just erected a second fence, so "I think they (fences) would be helpful" at most places along the U.S.-Mexico border.

About 75 people attended the public meeting, at which Upshur County District Attorney Billy Byrd swore in new and reelected committee members.

They included County GOP Chairman Cynthia Ridgeway and committee members Lanette Crittenden, Jesse Loffer, Joyce Dolle, Jackie Oliver, Richard Ridgeway, Charlie Pelezo, Bill Stenger, Laurie Fisher, Michael (Micky) Denton, Ronnica Ridgeway, John Ussery, Leslie Cathcart and Madaline Barber.

Other committee members who were not present for the swearing-in included Deborah Hodge, Blanton Dawson and Joe Dodd.

During his approximately 75-minute presentation, which included a question-and-answer session with the audience, Gohmert addressed a number of issues ranging from foreign policy to his contention that some members of his own party in the U.S. Senate are "stupid."

The Congressman, who represents part of Upshur County, is opposed for reelection by Democrat Shirley McKellar in November.

Concerning security at the Texas-Mexico border, Gohmert indicated he believed the border was vulnerable to Islamic extremists wanting to enter America.

"These people are crazy, but they're not stupid," he said. "Our southern border is porous. . .How stupid would you have to be not to take advantage of our southern border?"

He further said border patrol agents had told him "we've got people coming from terrorist countries.

"I've been down there and I've heard gunfire. . .When a .50 caliber round goes off," Gohmert said, the sound is unquestionably gunfire and it is being fired to the American side.

Gohmert also contended that when it comes to border security, "Texas has made a difference. The federal goverment has not."

When Woodrow Wilson (who was President from 1913-1921), was in office, the Congressman said, Wilson sent 75,000 National Guardsmen to the border to secure it. The nation would not need that many now to do the job, the speaker contended.

He said some illegal immigrants are being arrested by non-federal officers for "trespassing" because they fail to pay the $4 admission fee to a park.

Gohmert also said President Obama contends that the number of illegal immigrants is down, but the Congressman attributed that to hot August weather, saying numbers normally drop during that time of year.

Addressing the issue of children immigranting in masses, Gohmert said rattlesnakes are in the area and "it's no place to be sending kids." And while some immigrants "want to get caught," the "coyotes" working for drug cartels do not, he added.

As for peril elsewhere in the world, Gohmert termed the Kurds faction in Iraq "our friends" who protected him when he visited there.

"You arm the people that believe in freedom" and "let them do the fighting," the Congressman said.

In addition, Gohmert indicated he had taken action to try to prevent in Yemen an attack like the one that killed an American ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

In Benghazi, the Congressman charged, the Obama "administration had cries for help and didn't respond." He added he knew a former Army Ranger, injured in that attack, whose superiors "were not committed to get him what he needed."

"I don't know that any crimes were committed in Benghazi, but there certainly was a lot of bad judgment," Gohmert said.

He also said he "fired off a letter" to Secretary of State John Kerry to get Americans out of Yemen--and gave a copy of it to a reporter who found talk on the internet of an attack on that country.

Murderers who were released from the American prison in Guantanomo, Cuba, were sent to Yemen, and personnel of the American intelligence operation "weren't monitoring what was happening in the capital around Yemen," the speaker said. Thus, said Gohmert, he told Kerry's chief of staff "we don't need another Benghazi" and, as a result, 80 Americans were sent to the airport.

But a constituent of Gohmert's in the area has advised the Congressman that only "eight of us made it out" so far, the Congressman said. "We've still got a lot of people over there that they haven't sent a plane for," Gohmert added.

He additionally said that while "we are now in a time when Christians are the only group it's okay to persecute in America," it is "heartbreaking" to see Christians persecuted around the world.

"To whom much is given, much is required. Christians are being prosecuted around the world, and we're not doing much to help them," Gohmert lamented.   ==

He said the United States provided former Egyptian President Morsi with aid although he persecuted Christians, and "we owe so much to the people in Egypt for rising up and breaking that caliphate in half." Gohmert termed it unfortunate that President Obama did not like Morsi being ousted.

During the question-and-answer session, where Gohmert answered questions from four citizens, former Upshur County Republican Party Chairman John Melvin Dodd asked if Republican U.S. senators are "stupid" or "traitors"--an apparent reference to GOP conservatives' disenchantment with establishment Republicans in Congress.

Gohmert said some GOP senators are "stupid--to me, that means a lack of common sense."

And "when you hear somebody say I'm a progressive, normally" it means they "believe in what the Communists believe in," he added.

Progressives believe civilization should return to a "socialist/Communist system" that has "failed every time" it has been tried, Gohmert continued.

The Congressman said he "didn't get threatened a whole lot" by Republican Congressional leadership with comments such as "you better vote for this bill." Instead, leadership is "more clever," praising newly-elected conservatives and using "more of a come-on. . .(that) 'we want you to be a team player,'" he said.

"That's what I've run into more than anything," said Gohmert.

Gohmert said he had voted against a continuing resolution on governmental spending and asked why a lame-duck Congress should come back in December and give U.S. Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid "leverage" before he goes out as majority leader (if Republicans take control of the Senate in the November election.)

Yet, Gohmert indicated some Republicans wanted to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants, and a gasoline tax hike, so they could blame Reid for it. The Congressman said he disagreed with that sentiment.

"If there was one more Louie Gohmert, (Speaker of the House) John Boehner would have a heart attack," Gohmert said, alluding to his strained relationship with his party's leader in that body.  As for criticism of himself, Gohmert added, "One guy called me a moron one time, and misspelled moron."

When Upshur County Pct. 1 Constable Gene Dolle asked about military personnel saying they were being trained in martial law and to kill Americans, Gohmert replied that the government officials "always have an explanation."

"I know that this administartion has used a lot of pressure to keep people quiet," and has prosecuted so-called "leakers," the Congressman said.

Citizen Ron Cook asked whether departing Attorney General Eric Holder--with whom Gohmert had a sharp exchange of words during a Congressional hearing and who is resigning--would be charged with any crimes.

"Not in this administration, but (the) Fast and Furious (scandal) has to be properly investigated" since people died, the legislator said.

"He (Holder) has covered up things. He has obfuscated," Gohmert charged. He said Holder (who was held in contempt of Congress) has not provided certain documents to legislators although he told Holder that since the attorney general gave them to convicted terrorists, "I think you can give them to Congress too."

A citizen, Jackie Ellis, asked about the American solider being held in a Mexican prison after he supposedly took a wrong turn into Mexico at the border. Replied Gohmert, "If this administration wanted him out. . .he would have been out the first day."

President Obama or Kerry could threaten to cut off aid to Mexico if the soldier is not released, he continued. "I've raised a lot of cane about it," Gohmert said.

As he neared his presentation's end, Gohmert turned to a domestic issue, saying that every federal department's budget annually "automatically goes up by a formula," and the House had twice passed his bill to stop it. He said legislators like him "get beat up" in every Congress for just slowing the growth rate of spending.

"The only problem is we need a Republican senate," said Gohmert, a reference to the fact the GOP holds a majority in the House of Representatives while Democrats have the majority in the other body.

Upshur GOP Chairman Ridgeway afterward praised Gohmert's "conservative values."

At a luncheon in the church annex afterward, Constable Dolle discussed how his grandparents came to the United States as legal immigrants through Ellis Island in order to "better themselves," and that they believed all immigrants should become American citizens.

The constable, whose paternal grandfather was from France and married to a woman from Hungary, said immigration is designed to "help America become a better place," not fundamentally change the nation.

Although his grandfather, a mechanic, had worked on Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt's vehicle, both grandparents became "very staunch Republicans after things started changing in the Democratic Party," Dolle said.




GoBus Fare Increases Effective October 1

Kilgore - On August 22nd, the ETCOG Executive Committee considered the report on staff results from a two month public hearing process and approved an increase in GoBus fares. The current rate of $2.00 per trip within a county and $5.00 per trip across counties had not been increased since 1997 when the average price of a gallon of gas was $1.25. 
To help build program sustainability, One-Way Fares to become effective October 1, 2014 are:
$4.00 Within Local Service Area
$8.00 Adjacent Local Service Area
$10.00 Maximum One-way Fare
$1.00 for each additional stop - up to two permitted
(View Map of Local Service Areas)

ETCOG publicized and held 14 public hearings throughout the region to give the public opportunity to comment on the proposed fare increase. The hearings were held at the Workforce Solutions East Texas center in each of the 14 counties served by ETCOG and had approximately25 attendees region wide. ETCOG also accepted telephone and online public comments throughout the public hearing process. 
Also, the maximum one-way fare was set at $10.

Changes for Seniors
While an agreement between the Area Agency on Aging of East Texas and GoBus has permitted all seniors age 60 and over to ride free, funding constraints have forced the AAA and GoBus to enter into a new agreement for senior trips. Effective October 1, 2014, the Area Agency on Aging of East Texas can only pay for trips to medical appointments, dialysis, and senior centers for seniors who have qualified for AAA assistance. Seniors making a trip not covered by AAA or who have not qualified for AAA assistance must pay regular GoBus fares. To see if you qualify for AAA assistance, please call GoBus at 800-590-3371.


GILMER--American Legion R.E. (Peppy) Blount Post No. 320 will be open one afternoon monthly for trained post service officers to counsel veterans about their potential governmental "benefits and any other issues they may have," said post Second Vice-Commander Jerry Holsworth.

Veterans need not be American Legion members, and may seek assistance free of charge with such issues as health care, education, homelessness, substance abuse and death benefits for their families, said Holsworth, the Gilmer post's past commander.

Advice is also available for veterans of the two Gulf wars fought since 1991 on how they can reassign their educational benefits to their children if they wish, he said.

At least one of the post's three members who are trained as service officers by the Legion will be available from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the Upshur County Senior Citizens building. Post No. 320 meets in the building, located at the intersection of Harrison Street and Silver Alley one block south of the courthouse square.

"This is our start to offer our veterans more service and information about the programs that may help them best," Holsworth said in a press release. "Depending on the response, we will expand the number of days we will be available to the general vetean population.

"This is open to veterans' spouses and family as well. All veterans are welcome," he added.

Post Service Officer/Chaplain Billy Walker, along with Holsworth and post member Miette Wells, are veterans who have been trained in the duties of post service officer. As Legion members, Holsworth wrote, they "are committed" to assist veterans.

Should the time the officers are providing counseling be inconvenient for a veteran or veteran's family member to come, those seeking help are asked to call Walker at (903) 740-3868 or Holsworth at (903) 399-2818.

Holsworth also said Monday the Gilmer Legion post plans to become involved in voter registration. Plans for that will be announced, he said.





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On August 21, 2014, Gladewater Police Officers responded to the 400 block of Riverside Drive in Gladewater in reference to theft of property.  Upon arrival, officers were advised by the complainant, a JDW Services employee, that a truck and flatbed trailer hauling a John Deere backhoe had been stolen from the property.

The stolen pickup is a white, 2009 Chevrolet 3500 flatbed, bearing Texas license plate number AH77635. It is believed the truck was used to take the yellow, 2013 John Deere backhoe, which was already loaded on the trailer.

Later this same date, Gladewater Sgt. Detective, David Burrows, assisted by Smith County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, responded to a location in Smith County where a flatbed trailer and backhoe were recovered.  The 2009 Chevrolet 3500 flatbed has still not been recovered.

This is a picture of the stolen truck.  The fuel cell and tool box on the flatbed near the cab have been removed and will not be on the bed of the truck.


If you have any information regarding this offense or the whereabouts of this truck please contact the Gladewater Police Department at 903-845-2166.






Gladewater and East Mountain firefighters and police were called to a truck fire on US 271, near Red Hen Road Thursday around noon. Metal shavings and junk iron in the trailer of an 18-wheeler caught fire. A two-vehicle accident also occurred at the location as a man in a pickup truck reportedly pulled over to get out of the way of fire trucks and a woman in a car behind him collided with the pickup. An ambulance was called to the scene for the woman's injuries.

Texas Hunting and Fishing Regulations Free Mobile App Available

AUSTIN -- The official Outdoor Annual - Texas Hunting and Fishing Regulations app is now available for free download on iOS and Android platforms, providing sportsmen with mobile access to information they can use in the field and on the water.

To download the new app, visit or search the iTunes App Store, Amazon AppStore or Google Play for Outdoor Annual – Texas Hunting and Fishing Regulations. The new app was developed by Texas Monthly Custom Publishing in partnership with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.

Once installed on a device, the app enables access to the summary of the Texas 2014-2015 hunting and fishing regulations without having to be connected to the Internet. It can also utilize a smartphone's GPS capabilities to access location-specific regulations, such as exceptions to fish size and bag limits and county-specific hunting regulations.

“Our partnership with Texas Monthly, publisher of the print version of the Outdoor Annual, made it possible to provide these regulations in a free mobile app without having to spend a dime of state funds,” said Carter Smith, TPWD Executive Director. “Like the print version, the app is fully funded with sponsor and advertising dollars.”

The content is mostly the same as in the printed Outdoor Annual, just in a different layout and with added interactivity. The screens are easy to use and have an easy to navigate layout. It includes things like county listings, species listings, definitions, and even details about species. The app will be updated before the beginning of the hunting season to include waterfowl regulations.

The new app also includes links to additional information such as Hunter Education and the Weekly Fishing Reports on the agency’s website as well as an ability to contact your local game warden office.  There are also links to License Sales and the Public Hunts Drawing System will be available through the mobile app, as well, though Internet connectivity is needed to access these outside links.

“We wanted to make it easier and more convenient for hunters and anglers to find out what they need to know about the season dates, bag and length limits and other important information when they are enjoying the outdoors in Texas,” said Smith. “We felt it was a priority to use this new technology to provide an added value to the customers whose license dollars help conserve wildlife and fish for all Texans.”