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A Gladewater Police Officer has been cleared by a Gregg County grand jury in the November 5, 2016, death of Patrick Michael Wise. The investigation was conducted by the Texas Rangers, according to the Gregg County District Attorney’s Office.
On Saturday, November 5, 2016, at approximately 12:47 am, Gladewater Police Officer Robert Carlsen conducted a stop on a vehicle just north of West Upshur Avenue (Hwy 80) in the city of Gladewater.  As Carlsen and another officer approached the stopped vehicle, it sped off leading officers on a short pursuit. Once the vehicle stopped again, the driver, later identified as Patrick Michael Wise of Gladewater, fled on foot. Officer Carlsen quickly located Wise in an open field at Hwy 80 and East Lake Drive. After Wise refused Carlsen’s requests, Carlsen attempted to use his taser but was unsuccessful in doing so.
In the ensuing fight, which was recorded by Carlsen’s body worn camera, Carlsen can be heard struggling to provide dispatch and other officers his location. Audio from the camera recording revealed that Wise threatened to kill Carlsen and tells Carlsen “I’ve got a strap.” Wise tells Carlsen to get on the ground or else he will be shot just moments before the sound of gunfire is heard on the recording. According to the official autopsy, Wise was struck 5 or 6 times. Location of the wounds indicated that Wise was facing the officer when the shots were fired.
Civilian witnesses reported that they heard the threats made by Wise and one indicated he was about to go assist the officer just before the shots were fired. The witnesses also told investigators that Wise was circling the officer while the officer was on the ground.
At the time of the incident, Wise had two outstanding felony warrants.

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