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Delbert Burlison - Citizen Servant

Delbert Burlison was the epitome of the phrase ‘citizen-servant’. City Councilman, Friend of the Library, environmentalist, problem solver, caring husband and father, and so much more than we realized just last week.

Mr. Delbert asked the hard questions when others didn’t. He looked at all the angles and questioned the way things were done in the attempt to make them better or to shine the light in corners he thought needed greater transparency.

He knew his time was limited. So did we. But none of us thought we would lose him this soon. He was preparing to leave. He didn’t want to leave unfinished business, so he had been talking to different people to fill the positions and needs which he did seemingly effortlessly.

Last Monday night the Friends of the Library hosted their spring Meet the Author, and although severe storms were on the way, Mr. Delbert and Miss Judy were at Lee Library graciously greeting our guest author and those in attendance. The storm hit with a vengeance and yet, the ever independent Delbert Burlison drove home in spite of the torrential rain.

He expressed his concerns, as has Judy, that the Friends of the Library not dissolve. I promised it would not. I am sure, there are many folks around town who had received similar directives so that his and Judy’s projects, work and plans for Gladewater’s continued growth and success would continue.

And it must. That will be his legacy and our responsibility. Ask questions, solve problems and shine light. And do the work tirelessly. It is sort of a ‘recycling’ of Delbert and Judy Burlison’s service.

Delbert would like that. He would like that very much indeed.