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The Gladewater City Council voted Thursday night to appoint Gladewater Police Chief Rob Vine interim city manager, following the resignation of city manager Theo Melancon.
The council also voted to hire a professional search firm – the same firm that was used by Dayton, Texas, the city that hired Melancon.
Gladewater Mayor Harold Wells had said he wanted to name city secretary Melba Haralson, who has served as interim city manager many times in the past, interim city manager and he wanted to have the council conduct the search itself and save money.
But the majority of the council chose to go in a different direction.
Melancon will be available for consultation through June to help the city prepare its fiscal budget for next year.
(The meeting was broadcast live by the Gladewater Mirror on its Facebook page and is available for viewing. Also, the reason for Melancon’s leaving can be seen in this week’s Gladewater Mirror)
Prior to the naming of an interim city manager, several citizens spoke during the “citizens comments” portion of the council meeting and told the council how upset they were that two members of the council – Wells and councilwoman Lana Niemann – were responsible of Melancon leaving.
The citizens said Melancon had put the city on a positive progressive course, but Wells and Niemann would not refrain from micro-managing. One citizen even suggested that if the two council members couldn’t put the city’s needs above their own personal agendas, then they should step down from the council.
Read a complete account of the meeting in next week’s Gladewater Mirror.

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