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The Gladewater Mirror, a weekly newspaper with a circulation of about 1,750, started out as the Gladewater Daily Journal in 1928 and then became the Gladewater Daily Mirror at the time of the East Texas Oil Boom in the 1930s. During the Oil Boom Days in East Texas, the Gladewater Daily Mirror was joined on the streets by the Gladewater Daily Times. The two newspapers competed for several years before merging into the Gladewater Daily Times-Tribune. Several more versions of the local newspaper "The Gladewater News" and the "Gladewater Tribune" kept local readers informed and finally in the 1950s, The Gladewater Mirror was formed. The Gladewater Mirror services Gregg, Smith and Upshur counties. The Gladewater Mirror is owned by Bardwell Ink, LLC - Jim and Suzanne Bardwell.

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