Boil Notice Issued in Gladewater

A water main broke today, resulting in a major loss of water.

City officials say the water tower is in the process of filling back up now so customers should start seeing better pressure soon.  It takes approximately 6 hours to fill the tower when it is drained.

Once it is full city officials will take samples for testing.

Until then, customers are urged to boil their water.

City officials said the boil notice is just for drinking water and the water is safe – however the state requires a boil notice to be issued when water pressure in the system drops below a certain level.
The water pressure should be back to normal is a few hours as water levels climb in the storage tanks – which hold about 325,000 gallons, officials told the Mirror.
The problem occurred when contact crews working for Centerpoint ruptured an 8-inch main water line at US 80 and Loop 485 around 9 a.m. Thursday morning. This is the latest in numerous water mains gas contractors have ruptured in recent weeks as they lay new gas lines throughout the city.

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