BONE IDOL: Far-flung 42 players go home with top trophy

Seven-and-a-half hours is a long way to go for a 42 tournament, even for veteran player Dick Holland.
He made the trek to Gladewater, however, one of forty players in twenty paired teams who signed up for Saturday’s Nancy Burks Memorial 42 Domino Tournament in the Gladewater Museum’s Rodeo Annex, part of East Texas Gusher Days 2024.
“When you live in Amarillo, you’re four hours from every tournament,” Holland quipped, “so you get pretty used to driving.
He understands the value a good 42 counterpart, though.
“When Anthony Williams, former mayor of Abilene, calls you and says, ‘I need a partner,’” Holland said, “here we are.”
The play paid off: the longest-traveling team notched first place April 20, followed by (2nd) Trey Newsome & Jennifer Newsome in second, (3rd) Darrell Morgan & Jared Austin, (4th) Gene Bennett & Ronnie Smith, (5th) Scott Kemp & Barbara Kemp and (6th) Charlotte Wyche & Trish Martin.
Gladewater Chamber of Commerce’s Lois Reed was tickled at the turnout, especially after foul weather dampened other festivities on the Gusher Days schedule.
“To me, this collection of people, there’s no telling who they are!”
In fact, Holland said, 42 is officially the state table game of Texas as of legislative action in May 2011.
“It originated in Garner, Texas, just outside Mineral Wells,” recounted the visiting domino aficionado and player of 60-plus years. “Two Presbyterian boys got in trouble because they were playing cards. Cards were sinful, so they went and figured out a card game with dominoes because dominoes were not sinful.
“I believe that it spread across Texas with the railroad.”

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