Chex in the mail

Letter carriers across the country are renewing their annual effort to route hunger, ready to collect locals’ grocery donations May 11.
The National Association of Letter Carriers launched their cross-country Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive in 1993, and it’s since become the United States’ largest one-day food collection. In the past three decades, the effort has picked up more than 1.9 billion pounds of food.
Set each year on the Second Saturday in May, NALC organizers invite homeowners to leave their donation of non-perishable food in a bag near their mailboxes – their local letter carrier will pick up the contribution for delivery to a nearby food bank.
“The need is great, but you can help. We invite you to join letter carriers and our partner organizations in the fight to end hunger in our communities by participating,” the association announced. “Millions of Americans live in challenging situations, uncertain of where their next meal will come from or if it will come at all. They are our customers, our neighbors, our families. They include children and seniors that we see along our routes each day.
“Sadly, 1 in 10 households don’t have enough food and due to the pandemic it has become worse.”
According to national statistics, approximately 13 million children across the United States are food insecure. Locally, all students in Gladewater ISD may receive a free or reduced-price lunch due to the number of children within the district who qualify as economically-disadvantaged.
At the same time, data shows one in 14 U.S. senior citizens face hunger, putting them at a higher risk for chronic health conditions.
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