City water consumption too high

City of Gladewater has implemented a stage 3 water restriction.
This is due to water usage increase. The water plant is unable to keep up with current demand on the system. This may be due to some leakage around the city or at service locations.
We believe that the freezing temperatures may have cracked some pipes around town, creating the increased demand.
However, Gladewater City Manager Ricky Tow said no major leaks have been found. He said crews are out checking.
He said it is believed people are simply using far more water than usual, possibly  with water taps open to prevent freezing.
Here’s what the city is asking water customers to do:
* Use water only when necessary. At this time avoid baths, long showers, laundry and other high water uses.
* Just drip faucets, if you have your faucets running full open, please slow them down to a drip.
We need to slow demand, please do your part to help.

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