Crime takes bite out of officer

Fortunately, it didn’t break the skin.
One of Gladewater Police Department’s ‘frequent flyers’ was arrested after allegedly shoplifting and creating a disturbance at Dollar General. Before the incident was wrapped up, however, 35-year-old suspect Angela Baird allegedly added Assault on a Public Servant to the list of allegations against her.
According to a GPD report, Officer Tyler Sorrells was dispatched to 904 E. Broadway Ave. in search of a woman who’d been following customers around the store then left without paying for items. He located the suspect under the awning of a funeral home next door.
Officer J. Arteaga investigated the theft while Sorrells made contact with Baird who allegedly declined to show ID and ignored instructions.
“She continued to try and walk away from me multiple times and would not listen to my commands,” Sorrells reported. Attempting to cuff the suspect, “She resisted and tried to pull away from me,” as the officer, recognizing her, confirmed through dispatch she had 12 active city warrants.
While Sorrells stowed Baird’s belongings, she reportedly slipped a hand from the cuffs.
“Baird began climbing through the window in an attempt to get away. I then wrestled Baird to the ground and attempted to get hold of her hands,” Sorrells noted, eventually using pepper spray multiple times. With help from a passerby, “I was eventually able to grab her left arm that still had the handcuffs on.
“As I reached for her right arm, Baird then bit me on my right forearm. I was eventually able to get Baird on her stomach and reapply the handcuffs.”
The bite did not cause significant injury. Baird was transported to GPD for decontamination from the pepper spray then taken to Gregg County Jail.
In addition the assault charge and warrants, she faces Resisting Arrest, Search, or Transport plus Escape from Custody.

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