GISD celebrates ‘Exceptional Educators’ with Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment

Sixteen outstanding Gladewater ISD educators will receive the prestigious Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment.
“This recognition underscores the exemplary commitment and dedication of these educators to fostering excellence in education,” according to a May 7 press release from Kimberly Dolese, TAP Executive Master Teacher and Chief Academic Officer at the district.
Initiated by the Texas Legislature, the allotment “aims to recognize and reward the efforts of high-performing teachers who demonstrate exceptional dedication and effectiveness in their classrooms. This distinction not only acknowledges the hard work of educators but also serves as a testament to their significant impact on student success.”
Recipients include Sakkinah Balcorta, Weldon Elementary; Carrie Ballard, Weldon Elementary, Recognized Teacher; Claudia Barnhill, Gladewater Middle School, Exemplary Teacher; Jennette Branum, Gladewater Primary School, Recognized Teacher; Tracy Cates, Gladewater Middle School, Exemplary Teacher; Kevin Clark, Gladewater High School, Exemplary Teacher; Jamie Cook, Gladewater High School; Renee Ebeling, Gladewater High School; Shona Brewer-Gage, Gladewater Middle School, Exemplary Teacher; Hayley Gonser, Gladewater High School; A. J. Meals, Weldon Elementary School, Exemplary Teacher; Diana Neal, Gladewater High School; Christy Shelley, Gladewater Middle School, Master Teacher; Jill Smith, Gladewater Middle School; Jeff Smith, Gladewater Middle and High Schools; and Heather Voss, Weldon Elementary School, Recognized Teacher.
“These educators have consistently gone above and beyond to inspire, educate, and empower the students of Gladewater ISD, embodying the district’s commitment to academic excellence and student achievement.”
Recognizing the recipients, Gladewater ISD Superintendent Dr. Sedric Clark described how incredibly proud the school is of the group.
“Their dedication to our students and their unwavering passion for teaching are truly commendable. This designation is a testament to their hard work and ability to impact student academic growth.”

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