Gladewater, White Oak sales tax numbers slip

Well, the streak is over.
The latest sales tax announcement from the state comptroller’s office shows the City of Gladewater’s revenue allocation for May 2024 didn’t quite keep pace with the 2023 number, ending about 30 months of consecutive year-to-year gains for the community.
May’s sales tax check from Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s office is based on March sales by businesses that report monthly along with revenues from sales in January, February and March made by quarterly filers.
Gladewater’s allocation this month is $168,274.54, 6.51 percent less than May 2023’s payment (4179,999.94). For the year, the total of Gladewater’s five sales tax allocations is still ahead of ‘23 by 5.18 percent at $699,652.15.
Most of the municipalities in Gregg County saw some degree of decrease, including a 4.85 decrease year-to-year decline for Longview, a 0.79 percent decrease for Kilgore and a 1.77 percent May-to-May dip for White Oak.
The only comparative gains were experienced by Lakeport (13.59 percent) and 8.8 percent for Warren City ($1,893.71).

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