GoBus expands with in-house maintenance facility underway

ETCOG proudly announces the groundbreaking of an in-house maintenance facility for GoBus. This facility will enable staff to implement thorough preventive safety measures on organizational vehicles throughout the 14-county region.
“Following years of research and planning, we are thrilled to be commencing the groundbreaking of construction,” stated Transportation Director Vince Huerta.
The decision to establish an in-house facility stems from a comprehensive feasibility study conducted by the GoBus team in 2021. The study highlighted the benefits of such a facility, including a more proactive maintenance program, detailed inspections, and significant cost savings. The facility construction plan was approved by the ETCOG Executive Committee in FY 23, and the project broke ground last month.
“Having in-house maintenance will reduce turnaround time for vehicle repairs, allowing us to get them back on the road, assisting customers sooner and safer, said Huerta. “Ultimately, this opportunity allows us to continue our mission of providing safe, reliable, and friendly transportation services.”
With a projected budget of $3.2 million, the facility will facilitate staff relocation and incorporate two vehicle bays, training rooms, and additional parking for regional vehicles.
Construction on the maintenance facility is due to wrap up by the end of the year.

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