On Friday, March 29, 2019 at approximately 9 a.m., Officer Ka’Darriaus Sanders was inspecting a small utility trailer that fit the description of one previously reported stolen to the Gladewater Police Department.

Officer Sanders phoned Sgt. Jason Brannon who responded to assist. Upon his arrival, Sgt. Brannon observed an enclosed cargo trailer that he recognized as being reported stolen recently.  Officer Sanders ran the VIN number on the cargo trailer and confirmed that it had been reported stolen out of Smith County.  Continuing the investigation, Officer Sanders identified the original utility trailer as one stolen from a residence in Gladewater.

East Texas Auto Theft Task Force Agent, Blake Humber, was called to assist with locating identifying information on the vehicles. Also confirmed stolen was a 2008 Polaris Ranger side by side which was stolen out of Smith County. A total of 6 utility and assorted trailers were recovered, a smoker pit trailer, and a Miller Welding Machine.

Officer Sanders arrested a Gladewater resident on six felony charges. The suspect was transported to the Gladewater Municipal Jail awaiting to be arraigned.

Officers also have in their custody numerous miscellaneous tools and other items believed to be stolen.  Investigation continues to determine their status.

Officer Sanders and the men and women of the Gladewater Police Department are responsible for the recovery of over $57,000 worth of stolen property.  The Gladewater Police Department would like to thank Agent Humber for his assistance in the recovery of this stolen property.


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