Kilgore College Trustee Jon Rowe of Gladewater wants the community’s students and parents know about the KC Connection contract which is Kilgore College’s “Promise to Dual Credit Students”.

He also says that a special $10,000 scholarship source for Gladewater’s dual credit students is being established for the next school year to increase dual credit opportunities for local students. With more information to become available through GHS during the enrollment process.

On March 4 the KC Connection became policy which allows qualified dual credit students to carry their 40 percent tuition discount forward into Kilgore College following high school graduation. That 40 percent discount applies to the current rate of tuition and fees at Kilgore College for any given semester of enrollment. What makes this unique is that the student tuition classification as either an in-district or out-of-district resident is applicable to this contract.

“Kilgore College is taking the lead in redesigning the college experience to fit our students,” Rowe said. “For dual credit students that meet the criteria, the promise of continued tuition discounts will make Kilgore College the affordable choice to continue their education.”

The criteria that must be met includes the student having earned a minimum of 12 semester credit hours of dual credit with Kilgore College with a C (2.0) or higher grade point average. The students must also have a declared major with Kilgore College and making progress toward achieving that goal. Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year and fill out a KC scholarship application as well as an application for admission or dual credit transition form meeting all KC admission requirements.

To receive the discount students must be enrolled by the fall semester immediately following high school graduation and be continuously enrolled (at least fall and spring semesters) until degree and/or certificate completion. Students must be full time with a minimum enrollment of 12 semester hours per long semester. For the 8-week term the student must be enrolled in a minimum of six semester hours. The discount program also requires maintenance of a minimum GPA of 2.0 or C average and is limited to one certificate or degree unless the certificate is embedded within the degree.

KC is also redesigning the college to fit the student rather than requiring the student fit the college according to its Focus to Finish material. This unique approach will shorten most regular courses from 16 weeks to eight weeks. This does not include dual credit courses. Two 8-week terms will be offered each fall and spring semester.

Research indicates that with students’ focus on just two courses during each of those 8-week terms, three for overachievers, students won’t feel overwhelmed with 4-7 different courses and their assignments and deadlines. Also students won’t feel the traditional 10-week burnout. The intent of the redesign is that students will work smarter not harder.

“The change from a 16 week semester to two, 8-week terms is a proven model that will allow our students to focus on two to three courses at a time,” Rowe said. “The outcome will be marked increases in course and degree completions.”

According to KC’s Focus to Finish materials multiple studies have shown that students who take just two or three courses every eight weeks are better able to maintain focus and therefore excel. Students who take two courses for each of the 8-week terms within the semester are considered full time and still qualify as a full time student for Federal Financial Aid, scholarships and insurance or other purposes requiring proof of enrollment.

Patterson Chevrolet of Kilgore is partnering with the college to give away a car to a successful student. Top point achievers will win other fabulous prizes. 

To earn points for the award program students must enroll in a minimum of six hours for each 8-week per for the 2019 Fall and 2020 Spring semesters, successfully complete courses with a “C” or better, use the KC Writing Studio or KC Zone Tutoring Lab, or enrolling a student success course.

“I’m excited about these changes at Kilgore College because they will have an immediate impact on student success,” Rowe said. “For our dual credit students that meet the criteria, the promise of continued tuition discounts will make Kilgore College the affordable choice to continue their education.”

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