Maverick Technical Systems Acquires New Waterjet Cutting Technology 

Maverick Technical Systems of Gladewater recently announced the acquisition of a waterjet cutting system. This addition will expand the company’s ability to provide quality solutions to meet their customers’ exact needs.

Maverick Technical Systems opened its doors in 1981, and today is an electrical/mechanical manufacturing and service organization, specializing in custom-built power and control systems, as well as offering machining and fabrication services.

In addition to its new waterjet cutting technology, Maverick’s 16,000-square foot facility performs metal stamping, molding, TIG & MIG welding, electrical panel design, wiring and installation, and assembly.

Modern developments in the technology have made waterjet cutting one of the fastest-growing machines in the industry. Waterjet cutting is a cold-cutting technology that utilizes water and stone to cut through almost any material in thickness, up to 8 inches, while producing no heat-affected areas or burned edges.

“The major benefits of adding this technology to Maverick Technical Systems’ capabilities is its versatility, power, speed, and accuracy,” said Steven Ramo, Vice President of Business Development. “We take pride in maintaining the highest level of quality of equipment, and we know this technology will help us continue to do so.”

Maverick Technical Systems works with a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and power mills. With power equipment such as waterjet cutting, Maverick ensures that its clients’ operations run efficiently and productively.

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