More parents seek transfers for kids into WOISD schools

By James Draper
With more than two dozen transfer applications in-hand and more incoming, White Oak ISD Superintendent Dr. William Paul was quick to remind trustees the district’s transfer policy is in flux.
“Keep in mind, this is kind of a fluid situation,” he told board members at their mid-July session.
When transfer guidelines were first issued earlier this year, they had a cut-off date of June 29.
“At that point, we hadn’t quite reached the number that I was looking for,” Paul said. “We pushed it back to July 20.”
By the time their July 14 meeting rolled around, the district had received 28 transfer applications, accepting 23 – the five denials were for a variety of factors include grades, attendance, disciplinary history and other factors. Available space was an issue as well with both the second and fifth grades full and not taking any transfers at the moment.
Following the most recent meeting and the final cut-off, Paul anticipates the district’s policy will ultimately accommodate year-round applications.
“If we want to be open to transfers, we need to be open to them whenever, not when it’s convenient for us.”
That said, all transfers remain subject not just to the school’s rules but also to regulations set by the University Interscholastic League.
“I think what people need to understand is there’s definitely a divide between what a local school district has as transfer policy and eligibility for UIL purposes.”
The website contains the complete breakdown of guidelines for student eligibility for all UIL contests, including areas impacted by transfers. WOISD Athletic Director Michael Ludlow walked board members through highlights from the UIL policies – simply put, the regulations are complex, touching everything from residency to guardianship to options for waivers.
“If the UIL doesn’t do this, it turns into the Wild Wild West,” Ludlow said. “It’s tough. There’s gotta be checks and balances.”

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