Public Utility Commission of Texas Adopts Tighter Timeline for Utilities to Respond to Consumer Complaints

Rule Amendment Will Reduce Wait Times for Texas Electricity Customers

Austin, Texas – The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) today approved rule changes reducing the number of days an electric service provider has to respond to consumer complaints filed with the PUCT. Effective September 1, 2023, electric service providers must respond within 15 days.

Under current rules, electric utilities and retail electric providers have up to 21 days to respond to the PUCT’s Customer Protection Division (CPD) after being notified of a consumer complaint. This rule change will speed up the complaint resolution process for electricity consumers in Texas and allow CPD to help more customers resolve issues with their electric service providers. The rule change also brings greater consistency to the agency’s complaint process by making response deadlines uniform across water and electric complaints.

Commissioners approved the rule change at the April 6 open meeting along with additional revisions to Chapter 25 Substantive Rules Applicable to Electric Service Providers.

The PUCT encourages consumers who experience an issue with their electric, water and sewer, or telecommunications service to first contact their service provider to resolve the issue. If the consumer is unable find a suitable resolution with their provider, they can contact the PUCT’s Customer Protection Division for assistance or file an informal complaint.

The PUCT also has important information about the rights of consumers on its website.


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