Rehabilitation now underway for horses seized near Pittsburg, donations needed

Safe Haven Equine Rescue continues its mission of rehabilitating more than 150 horses seized by Camp County Sheriff’s Office on June 27. These horses are receiving fresh hay every two hours and have a constant supply of clean water. Safe Haven Equine Rescue wants to thank all of our Volunteers and the Humane Society of the United States Volunteers for making this happen.

A team of volunteers is supplying basic medical care – grooming, bathing, cleaning cuts, treating rain rot, cleaning eyes, and giving medication per the Veterinarian’s instructions. Another team cleans their pens daily. Horses are being rotated out of pens into large fields so they can stretch their legs and roll. However, some are being kept in single pens due to their special needs.

A farrier has started hoof care but due to the horrific condition of the hooves, it is a slow process.

If you would like to volunteering contact Volunteer Coordinator Judy Johnson, at 319-850-7864 or email her at

Donations are still needed to help with all the needs of these horses. Donations can be made at our website home page or by mailing a check to 4994 FM 2088, Gilmer, TX 75644.

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