Reports: Suspect hit with non-lethal force in altercation with deputies

A suspect was reportedly neutralized by a non-lethal projectile on West Commerce Avenue following a pursuit and an altercation with Upshur County Sheriff’s Office personnel Thursday afternoon.

According to initial information, deputies were serving a felony warrant on a man when he fled in a motor vehicle, stopping only after a collision at the corner of Pouncy Street and West Commerce.

The suspect reportedly exited the vehicle and refused deputies’ commands until the situation escalated to the point that a pepper ball was used to subdue him.

Numerous emergency responders were called to the scene at approximately 2:45 p.m. including EMS personnel to decontaminate the man following the pepper ball impact.  About half-an-hour later, an ambulance departed the area, reportedly transporting the individual for a precautionary medical check-up ahead of booking in the Upshur County Jail.

There are no reports of any injuries to law enforcement during the encounter.

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