The monarchs are coming …

The monarchs are headed this way. Their numbers are up, and they’ll need to refuel on nectar when they get here, so now is a good time to water your butterfly-friendly autumn blooms and maybe plant a few more.

If you don’t have a butterfly garden, Oct.-Dec. is the best time to plant in most of Texas. Your flowers also support other migrating pollinators, like the nosy American snout – read about them in our blog post, A World Full of Butterflies.

Fall migration means it’s time to kick off the Texas Pollinator BioBlitz challenge! Take photos of butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators, then share them on iNaturalist and social media (#TXpollinators) from Oct. 4 – Oct. 20. You can also take part in events at parks and other sites. Join us – it’s free, it’s fun!

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