Turkey Day not as expensive this year

Thanksgiving is so close that we can practically smell it: that perfect roasted turkey, all those delectable sides, and at least a slice or two of pumpkin pie. But of course with a big meal comes a lot of preparation. There’s so much to do leading up to the big day, so if you haven’t started planning your Thanksgiving menu, you probably should soon – real soon.

Before you start to get stressed out though, we’ve got a few pieces of good news for you. First, you’ve still got time and we have a handy dandy Thanksgiving cooking timeline to ensure mealtime success. Second, your Thanksgiving dinner cost should actually cost less in 2023. With nationwide concerns about inflation and rising food costs, this is news we can all certainly be thankful for. 

According to CNN and the Wells Fargo Agri-Food Institute, the cost of a 10-to-15-pound turkey dropped 13% in October versus the price of a year ago and fresh cranberries are about 20% cheaper than last year. However, before you add to that Thanksgiving shopping list, it is worth noting that canned goods like cranberry sauce (up 7%), pumpkin puree (up 30%), and green beans (up 9%) are all more expensive in 2023.

With that mixed grocery bag of news, it might still seem a little hard to tell if you personally will spend more at the store. Well, that’s where Walmart comes in! The company announced that from November 1 to December 26, they are rolling back prices on the most popular holiday food items to ease the pressure of holiday spending. Even better? They have a Convenient Holiday Meal Calculator to help you budget for Thanksgiving.

The process is as simple as can be. First go to their “Holiday Food” page, choose “Quick & Easy” for packaged items like boxed stuffing or “From Scratch” for fresh items like cranberries. Then select the number of servings and add all the grocery items to your cart. (There’s even a recipe section in case you need some menu inspiration!) It will give you the total cost and the cost per person, so you know exactly what you’re spending before you spend it.

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