AUSTIN — TxDOT is holding a public meeting next week in Tyler to discuss the future of transportation in Texas. The meeting will be held at the Tyler Rose Garden Center Camellia Room at 420 Rose Park Drive in Tyler.

The Texas Transportation Plan 2050, or TTP 2050, will guide TxDOT’s planning and programming for the next 30 years and set long-range goals for all transportation modes — roadways, transit, pedestrian, bicycle and freight. The plan will also address some of the state’s biggest transportation challenges including a growing and aging population; urbanization; emerging transportation technologies (such as driverless vehicles); and limited funding.

The public is invited to provide comments in person, online or by mail. Persons with disabilities who want to come to come a public meeting but need appropriate accommodations can contact Casey Dusza at 512-486-5149 or casey.dusza@txdot.gov three business days prior to the meeting.

Members of the public who cannot attend a meeting, but who would like to receive information or submit comments can email TTP_2050@txdot.gov or call the toll free messaging center at 1-855-TEXAS50 (839-2750). All meeting materials will be available at www.txdot.gov using the keyword search “TTP 2050.”

Online surveys will close on Friday, November 15, 2019 and public comments will be accepted throughout the development of the TTP 2050. Written comments can be submitted via email at TTP_2050@txdot.gov or by USPS mail to:

TxDOT TPP Division – TTP 2050

Attn: Casey Dusza

P.O. Box 149217

Austin, Texas 78714-9217

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