Upshur commissioners to meet Thursday to discuss assessing and collecting school taxes

Upshur County Commissioners Court on Thursday (Feb. 15) will consider the issue of interlocal agreements with school districts for the county assessing and collecting school taxes.
That matter is among 10 items on the agenda for the 10 a.m. public meeting at the temporary county courthouse in downtown Gilmer. One of the 10, however, includes several matters to be discussed in closed session, including the school issue.
The others are mostly related to the current renovation of the 87-year-old county courthouse, which is across the street from where the court will meet.
One item to be considered in closed session, though, is “payment of health-care related costs due on behalf of Upshur County employees and dependants through the county third party administrator.”
Another agenda item provides for voting in open session–as state law requires–on any matters discussed in closed session if the court chooses to act on one or more of them.
Among other business items on Thursday’s agenda are one to approve resolutions seeking grants for several items for law enforcement officers. The goods include body armor, radios and (for constables) bullet resistant shields.
The court will also open, and possibly act on, bids for the Road and Bridge Department’s fuel and materials.

– By Phillip Williams


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