Water system work will drop pressure for some residents Thursday

Gladewater Public Works employees will be exercising water valves in the area of Hendricks Street and West Lake beginning about 9 a.m. Thursday morning.
“Citizens may experience some low pressure during this time that should only last a short time,” interim Gladewater City Manager Charlie Smith said Wednesday afternoon. With numerous old valves not functioning correctly in the area, “This is an important part of ensuring the water can be isolated in the future for any problems that may arise. We apologize for any inconvenience.”
Water pressure should be fully restored by Thursday afternoon, Smith said, and if any homeowners experience a longer interruption, they should report it ASAP.
“If it turns into a continuous lull or no water pressure, please call City Hall and let us know.”
Reach City Hall at 903-845-2196 or, after hours, contact Gladewater Police Department via the non-emergency number, 903-845-2166.

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