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Carter BloodCare currently has a lower-than-preferred level of all blood types and urges you to make an appointment to give, or attend a blood drive in the next few days.
This week Carter BloodCare is participating in the #MissingType campaign and the blood center is experiencing an actual Missing Type situation. Please fill in the gaps with your blood type so it
is there for local hospital patients.
Come in to donate before August 21, and you’ll get a free “Missing Type” T-shirt.
You can now make your appointment using one of our easy scheduling options below:
1. Schedule online –
2. Call 817-412-5433 (LIFE)
3. Text “DONATE4LIFE” to 444-999

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AUSTIN – As the start of the new school year approaches, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) cautions Texans to watch for children who are walking to and from school or waiting for buses. Drivers should be especially alert and careful around school buses – which make frequent stops – and always follow traffic laws regarding school buses and school zones.
“DPS is calling on drivers to do their part in keeping our children safe this school year by always obeying school zone speed limits and stopping for school buses,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “Individuals who disregard the law and illegally pass stopped school buses not only face significant traffic fines, but they needlessly put children in harm’s way – and we take these violations very seriously.”
The moments when students are entering or exiting a bus can be one of the most dangerous times during a child’s trip on a school bus. Accordingly, DPS urges drivers to slow down and pay attention in school zones, since children may unexpectedly step into a roadway without checking for oncoming traffic.
State law requires that approaching drivers stop when a bus is stopped and operating a visual signal – either red flashing lights or a stop sign. Drivers should not proceed until the school bus resumes motion; the driver is signaled by the bus driver to proceed; or the visual signal is no longer activated. A driver does not have to stop for a school bus that is operating a visual signal if it is on a highway with roadways separated by an intervening space or physical barrier. (If a highway is divided only by a left-turning lane, the roadways are not considered separated, and drivers must stop for school buses.)
Drivers who illegally pass school buses face fines up to $1,250 for a first offense. For individuals convicted of this offense more than once, the law allows the individual’s driver license to be suspended for up to six months. (A ticket for illegally passing a school bus cannot be dismissed through defensive driving.)

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Wayne John Glover, (DOB: 07/12/1968) from Roxton, Texas,  was sentenced to ten (10) years in prison today (August 16) for the second degree felony offense of Manslaughter.  He had no prior felony convictions and was eligible for probation for this offense.

On September 24, 2015, at a location north of Gilmer on State Highway 271, a Gilmer ISD school bus traveling southbound was stopped letting a special needs student off in the afternoon.  Both the southbound lane of traffic and the northbound lane were lawfully stopped in the roadway for the school bus.  Mr. Donald Gene Scott, a 46 year old husband and father of two little girls and a resident of Lindale, Texas, was stopped on the roadway when the very large and heavy 18 wheeler rock truck driven by the defendant hit him from behind and killed him.  Evidence showed that this defendant failed to maintain a proper outlook and was using his cellphone inside the truck while he was driving 60 miles per hour and hit Mr. Scott’s vehicle from behind and never applied his brakes until after the collision had occurred.  Mr. Scott died as a result of the impact when his vehicle was crushed under the force of the 18 wheeler hitting him from behind.

By failing to maintain a proper outlook and based on the special duty imposed on the defendant by virtue of his CDL license, the State brought charges that Wayne Glover acted reckless on September 24, 2015, and that reckless conduct caused the death of Donald Gene Scott.

The defendant pled guilty to this offense.  A jury was selected last Monday to hear evidence today.  However, the defendant agreed to the ten year sentence that was offered and was agreed to by Mr. Scott’s family prior to trial this morning.  The defendant was eligible for the jury to consider granting his request of probation.  By accepting this sentence, he waived all rights to appeal the sentence.  Mr. Scott’s family was inside the courtroom to witness the proceedings conducted before Judge Lauren Parish.  The defendant was remorseful and expressed his regrets and admitted his own fault.  I have always believed and will maintain the belief that an individual’s acceptance of responsibility in their criminal conduct is valuable not only to punishment and sentencing but also their own rehabilitation.  His acceptance of guilt and responsibility was a factor in this decision.  I am grateful to our citizens willing to serve on this jury and although they did not render the decision, their presence alone and willingness to serve their community brought about justice today.

The State was represented by Billy W. Byrd while the defendant was represented by Gilmer Attorney, Matthew Patton.

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